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Premium Ceramic Detail Spray
+ 2 FREE Towels

Gloss It Premium Ceramic Coating was made to keep your cars painted protected and clean at all times.

  100+ Reviews

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Gloss It Premium Ceramic Detail Spray is a world class product that uses the most high grade of SiO2. SiO2 is what makes everything on your paint such as water, grime, and grease all wipe right off. Its pretty much like magic if you ask us.

Gloss It Premium Ceramic was made specifically to give your car and unbeatable shine, while giving it a long lasting ceramic coating that will protect that paint for weeks after every single application.

With 25 years in the automotive care & auto detailing industry, Gloss It's proprietary formula of of industry leading products have become the backbone of all true professional detailers, weekend warrior detailers and auto dealerships.

With over 1000 Professional detailers, auto body restorations, car dealers, and supercar owners providing feedback over the last 20 years, our formula has been refined to provide the highest quality with the fastest application time.

Gloss It's Premium Ceramic hydrophobic formula repels water on any surface it is applied to including Metal, Paint, Glass, Plastic, and Chrome.

Get your Premium Ceramic Detail Spray + 2 FREE Towels for a limited time, so act fast!

Save and Refresh Your Cars Paint In 2 Easy Steps!

Apply Detail Spray

Wipe Detail Spray With Microfiber Towel

Why Gloss It Premium Ceramic Detail Spray?

  •  Can Apply in Direct Sunlight
  • No Streaking, Smearing, or Smudging
  • Protects From Dirt, Scratches, and Grime
  • ​Lab Tested Sio2 Technology
  • ​Repels Water
  • ​Unbeatable Shine and Protection
  • ​Refreshes, Maintains, and Protects Your Vehicles Paint For Weeks After Every Use
  • ​Made in the USA

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Bart R.

“Used this product for the first time yesterday and found it provided the best depth of shine and glossy smooth finish of any detail spray I ever used. Almost appears the car has a ceramic coating on it. Great product.”

Karen M.

"I bought this for my husband as a gift a while back, and he absolutely loved it! I think he went back and bought three more bottles after his first."

Logan B.

"This stuff is absolutely amazing.. I use it on my car and my RV, and I save so much $$ on not having to wash it as much because of how good the ceramic is."

Tyler M.

"I saw an ad for this on Facebook a while back and had to check it out... safe to say the product really works, and my car has been looking amazing and protected"

Derrick K.

"I use this on all of my cars, and I even use it on some glass on my boat. I would highly recommend."

Trevor M.

"I have tested a lot of ceramics on the market, and safe to say that Gloss It's Ceramic and products are far superior than the rest"

"By FAR The Best Premium Ceramic Detail Spray On The Market. Hands Down. No Questions Asked. My car has never been able to stay this clean for so long! Everything just wipes right off with total ease." 
- Anthony O

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Vehicles Per Bottle?
On average sized sedans and coupes it will take approximately 1-3oz, on larger vehicles it can take 2-4oz of Premium Ceramic Detail Spray 
Does This Work If My Car Is Already Waxed?
Nope! You can use Gloss It's Premium Ceramic Detail Spray on on existing wax. However, it can be less effective if it is an older wax coating and not fresh.
How Often Should I Use To See Best Results?
This will vary on the weather conditions, but Gloss It's Premium Ceramic Detail Spray can last weeks per application. But is best to be applied regularly to have best results and protection.
What Does It Protect Against?
Gloss It's Premium Ceramic Detail Spray will protect you vehicle against dirt, mud, salt, snow, pollen, smog, acid rain, water spots, bugs, and general road grime.
What Surfaces Can I Apply It On?
Gloss It's Premium Ceramic Detail Spray can be applied on external solid surfaces, including glass, chrome, paint, stainless steel, plastic, and even your headlights (and much much more!).